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"The Good Stuff"

Silver Spoons

“I love polishing silver,” said no one ever. Present the idea to a child and suddenly your lens changes and you realize your effort is worth the beauty. One early morning I decided it was time to give my treasures a once over. With a table full of possibilities from candlesticks to jiggers there was plenty of work at hand. With the simple inquiry, “Mom, are you going to make those shine?” I offered my first child a polishing cloth. Two more children appeared and asked to help. Suddenly, I found myself sitting back with a cup of coffee in hand as other hands went to work.

silver polishing

It was a beautiful moment where I could share parts of my past, speak to their origins and describe the value of keeping traditions alive. Never was the question pondered why would anyone want to own something that required so much work. Instead curiosity exploded with questions of monograms, etchings, engravings and the meanings behind the metalwork they polished and admired. As a brand it is through this appreciation of the past that we build our designs bringing original artwork into a modern-day sensibility.

Saving “the good stuff” for a special occasion is not how we envision living at Caskata. Appreciating beautiful things and incorporating all that is decorative into the everyday- that is our way. We embrace the day with loved pieces that tell a larger story of melding the past with the present and the old with the new. Everyday deserves a polished silver candlestick.


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