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Brimfield Flatware Accessories

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Antique lovers in New England know The Brimfield Antique Flea Markets as the mecca for all things vintage.

It's the perfect place to indulge a love of eclectic pieces, and over the years we've assembled a rather large collection of vintage silver plated flatware, mostly made in the USA. Weathered, softly glowing, and showing the signs of years of use, we layer it in on the table to bring warmth and depth at home.

One day at a photo shoot we reached for our beloved flatware, and decided right there and then that it was time to share these with you.

These serving pieces are cool- they're different, they're pretty, some are old fashioned, some more modern. Assembled together in mismatched sets, they confer a rather bohemian character to the table. Found objects, reused throughout decades, set a table that transcends time and place, and always feels right. Fill your silverware drawer with a mix of these beauties, or keep them handy for parties in big jars on a counter like they do in your favorite bistro somewhere.

No need for special care really- these are casual and they bear the scars of their years, so they can go right in the dishwasher. Occasionally if you'd like to restore their sparkle, give them a wipe with some silver polish like Wright's Silver Cream, or click here to see how we shine them up in bulk.

  • Eclectic - mixed patterns. Let us choose a pretty combination for you.
  • Dishwasher safe - they have lived full lives and should be treated casually.
  • Vintage Silver Plate- some worn spots, some stubborn tarnish. 
  • Most knives have stainless steel blades, but some blades are silver plated.
  • Scratches and spots are a part of their charm.
  • Please note, we cannot accept returns on vintage pieces. FINAL SALE.
  • These pieces are sold as is. They are imperfect, and that's what we love about them.