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Celebrate Women...Every Day

Every day we celebrate International Women’s Day around here. It’s at the core of who we are- mothers, daughters, about-to-be grandmothers. Artists, designers, makers, entrepreneurs, cooks, nurses, friends and businesswomen.

We’re single, we’re married and we’re divorced. We’re juggling toddlers, teenagers, dogs and aging parents.

We pack boxes, we shoot pictures, we decorate and fire porcelain, we load the kilns, we manage spreadsheets and field customer service phone calls.

We treat each other with respect- we’ve got each other’s backs. We lift each other up and offer advice, a hot meal, a surprise bunch of flowers or a shoulder to lean on.

Women entrepreneurs do things differently. We’re driven with passion- and we know our numbers. We have an unshakable faith in ourselves and our ability to get things done, and we know we can do it all backwards in high heels.

We’re a tiny band of women, working hard every day to create beautiful pieces that help families and friends gather gorgeously. We’re lucky enough to spend our days doing what we love with people we like. We’re most grateful to you all for making that possible. #wevegotyourplates

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