What is Caskata

Setting a table that looks good shouldn't be hard- but it is.
We love to entertain, to gather, to cook, to eat and drink, share stories and make memories. We also love good design. To us, making it all look beautiful is a real part of that experience. Our social appetite for all things food, for eating and drinking, and gathering together, tells us we're not alone, and underscores just how important sharing these moments, and these memories are for so many of us.
At Caskata, we're designers and makers of exceptionally beautiful products for the home, focused around the table. We create collections that embody a unique, contemporary design perspective. Chic, relaxed, refined, and thoughtfully designed to mix and match, we make it easy to set a table you love that reflects your personal style.
The products we make have been tested in the marketplace for years. When we began this journey, wholesale was the only option for launching a new brand in this space. Underfunded, in a world of established behemoths, we went on to create a respected, award-winning and design-driven brand that's sold by the top retailers in the home decor and tabletop space, including Williams-Sonoma, Anthropologie, Frontgate, Bloomingdales, and Bed Bath and Beyond. We have a growing business with online wedding registries like The Knot and Zola. We've done the famous Met Gala and worked with hospitality clients globally, including Wynn Resorts and Casinos, and the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.
But it’s clear that there's a much bigger opportunity- reaching our customers directly. We're ready to share with them our story of thoughtfully designed products made with care and purpose. Products that excite and inspire, offer excellent value, and a shopping experience that delights, from the first moment of discovery to the first meal on your gorgeous new plates. In a community filled with people who share a passion for creating meals worth remembering, and gatherings worth sharing, we believe we have something uniquely different.
We're woman-owned and woman-run and most of our customers are women- 86% of them, in fact -and they come to us at many different points in their lives, but no matter the age, they share a few common traits.
Culturally and technologically savvy, they're engaged with and inspired by social media, their friends, and the world they live in. They see themselves as modern curators of collections- images, recipes, objects- that reflect their unique style. Confident and stylish, they're well- educated and well-to do, living in cities and suburbs, they love to travel, love global style, keep up to date with fashion and beauty trends, updating their clothes and their homes with what’s current, blended with a healthy dose of nostalgia.
Online shopping is great for a lot of things, but it hasn’t helped make it easier to find great looking pieces for your table. Tabletop is an antiquated $2.25B industry, dominated by a few large players. Glutted with uninspiring sameness, design is often an afterthought, and the age-old perspective of "fine" china vs. "everyday" china leaves a wide opening for a fresh new approach to the tabletop space.
As older, legacy brands slowly move to shift their strategies and mindsets, their product development continues to lag behind changing consumer tastes and shifts in the way we live today. Newer D2C brands miss the product point entirely, focused almost exclusively on the branding package that served many startups well once, but now seems shallow and lacking in substance. It's a cluttered landscape, but one in which a design-driven, user-focused brand with products people want, has the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with customers directly. We're that brand. We've got products that customers are looking for today, and a small, agile team that keeps the online customer experience central to our focus. When you're selling something that people use every day, you need to create something they want and need- more importantly you need to make something they love and make it easy to buy. We understand what our customer wants, because in many ways, she is us.