Holiday Papers - 15% Off

Take 15% off all holiday gift papers and napkins while supplies last

Gift Wrap (Flat sheets - 1 dozen minimum; Rolled Wrap - 1/2 dozen minimum)
Gift Tags (1/2 dozen minimum)
Boxed Note Cards (minimum 4 boxes per design)
Single Note Cards (1 dozen minimum)
Boxed Correspondence Cards (minimum 4 boxes per design)
Napkins (20/pkg - 1 dozen minimum per design)
Boxed Napkins (Two 20-pks in decorator box, 1/2 dozen minimum per design)

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Holiday Designs Include:

Amaryllis - C-655B, C-655
Big Cones - C-634B, C-634, CRC-634B, WR(L)-922, TAG-118
Cedar (Blue) - C-645B, C-645, WR(L)-930 , NAP(B)-645
Cedar (Green) - C-614B, C-614, NAP(B)-614
Cedar (Red) - C-611B, C-611, WR(L)-906
Cedar Berries - WR(L)-907
Conifers (Green) - C-613B, C-613, WR(L)-908, TAG-117
Conifers (Blue) - TAG-118
Greenery - C-656B, C-656, WR(L)-942, TAG-113
Karma (Red) - WR(L)-944
Karma (Silver) - WR(L)-945
Oak Leaf & Acorn - C-636B, C-636, CRC-636B, NAP(B)-636, TAG-119
Painted Bunting - C-663B, C-663, CRC-633B, WR(L)-955
Persian Holiday (Black)
Persian Holiday (Red)
Pine Birds - C-628B, C-628
Red Bird - TAG-115
Red Holly - C-662B, C-662, WR(L)-952
Red Papaver - C-638B, C-638, CRC-638, NAP(B)-638, WR(L)-926, TAG-105
Thistle - CRC-666B, WR(L)-957
Wildlife - WR(L)-943
WInter Night - C-661B, C-661, WR(L)-949

** Good on Holiday Paper orders placed 9/30/13 or after **