Our Roots

Like many success stories our dream was born in a basement, moved to a garage and eventually found a permanent home in a skylit studio in Massachusetts where shelves of our unique pieces were made daily. Our company grew to include a tiny band of dedicated women designing and creating each pattern, then painstakingly applying each design by hand. When we’d made enough to fill our kiln we would fire it up and wait until morning. As daylight peeked in overhead, like giddy schoolgirls everyone would gather around as we opened the hot kiln to see our successes. 

Firing is a magical process in which the ideas you’ve been drawing and modeling and printing and cutting and decorating suddenly transform – they vitrify into real, tangible, useable, and beautiful pieces. There’s nothing else to call that but magic. 

As demand for our collections outpaced our small team’s ability to keep up, we made the decision to continue to offer our hand-made product with a larger team. Today we’re lucky to have found wonderful partners around the world who uphold the same passion for the craft, and we’ve passed the joy of opening the kiln on to them. They’re hardworking craftspeople just like us, who take pride in being part of our global team of remarkable artisans. Our stamp on the back of every piece reflects our team’s continued drive towards quality and design that make our pieces workhorses for the everyday as well as unique table settings.