Holiday Hunt

The holidays are all about being together with family and friends, enjoying longtime traditions and making new ones. With your new Holiday Hunt North Pole pieces, you can join the fun of the search for over 40 secret Santa sites in the enchanting geography of our North Pole. We hope you'll enjoy these season after season and that they become treasured pieces of your family's holiday. (To order, click here)


Let the Hunt Begin!

The insert card that came with your Cookie Platter, Hot Cocoa Mug, or Canapé Set has 8 of the 41 places we've tucked into our map of Santa's home turf. Here's the entire list of seasonal sites for you to find on your piece.
1. 12 Days Way
2. Arctic Circle
3. Blitzen Pass
4. Candy Cane Bay
5. Cape Donner
6. Claus Way
7. Comet Creek
8. Cupid Cove
9. Dancer Inlet
10. Dasher Basin
11. Elf Radio Tower
12. Elfin Lake
13. Gnome
14. Ho Ho Ho Hills
15. Icicle Point
16. Igloo Point
17. Midnight Mountain
18. Milk & Cookies Shoal
19. Naughty Point
20. Nice River
21. Nicholas Peninsula
22. Nightcap Islands
23. North Pole
24. Peppermint Archipelago
25. Port Rudolph
26. Prancer Canyon
27. Prancer Province
28. Reindeer Camp
29. Reindeer Plant
30. Reindeer Station
31. Rudolph Bay
32. Santa Peak
33. Sleigh Landing
34. Sleighbell Sound
35. Snowflake Harbor
36. Sugarplum Sea
37. Tannenbaum Straits
38. Vixen Point
39. Winter Trail
40. Workshop Road
41. Yukon River

To download a printable checklist of all the sites listed above, click here.

For more Holiday Hunt fun, download the Holiday Hunt Word Search by clicking here.

Like all of our tableware, we designed our North Pole “Holiday Hunt” gift pieces to become classics, and in this case, treasured pieces of your family's holiday festivities, for years to come. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us at