Founder’s Story

I love to cook. Here’s the funny thing about cooking, though- it’s really better when shared. To me, cooking (and serving) great food is a creative expression of love. Now maybe you don’t love to cook, but I’ll bet you love to eat. I think that’s another thing that’s better when it’s shared. Our collective obsession with gorgeous food and gatherings around tables on Instagram tells me I’m not alone.

There’s nowhere I’d rather be than gathered around the table (or often these days, the kitchen counter) eating, drinking, and sharing stories of the day with the people I care about. It’s the heart of my home, and the place where so many of my favorite memories are made. To me, making it all look as good as it tastes is an important part of that experience.

That’s where the perfect mug, or the perfect bowl, platter, or plate come in.

Online shopping is great for a lot of things, but it hasn’t helped make it easier to find great looking pieces for your table. Search for dinnerware and you’ll find a page filled with the same exact products from a million different mass merchants.

It’s actually really hard to find interesting pieces that make it simple to sit down to a meal that reflects your own uniquely personal style. Pieces you can use in different ways to tell lots of different stories on the table (or at the counter) where you gather when you’re home. When we’re buying plates, they’re part utilitarian- they should be strong enough to last for years, make the food you’re eating look great, and of course they should be dishwasher safe. In real life, our plates are meant to be used every day, but there’s no reason why everyday can’t be good-looking, and sometimes when we feel like it, we ought to be able to dress them up and have them look great.

That’s why I started Caskata, because I wanted to have dishes I LOVED, that were as interesting as the food I was eating. I wanted dinnerware that reflected a sense of style like the rest of my home. Today, we make that dinnerware. Pieces that are thoughtfully designed to make it easy to set a table that reflects your personal style, that frames your food beautifully, and helps you create gorgeous gatherings to share, and memories to treasure. In premium porcelain and bone china, we make some of the finest quality dinnerware available, and we offer it at prices that lets you serve a crowd. It’s not fussy, it’s not precious, it’s just incredibly strong and chip-resistant, with timeless designs that put a contemporary spin on the classics. Using carefully curated colorways, we’ve designed our pieces to have as much relevance today as in twenty years.

I make dinnerware because I love to eat and I love to entertain- not in the stuffy, formal way, but in the belly-laughing-until-you-cry sort of way. If you’re like me and you love good design and want a table that’s as stylish as you’d like the rest of your life to be, come explore our collections, and start one of your own.

If you love good food, if you love gathering at the table or the kitchen counter with friends and family, sharing meals and making memories, if you’ve got a passion for style, then #WeveGotYourPlates.