WILLIAMSBURG Collection - Chinoiserie Toile Trinket Box**

Caskata Artisanal Home


Dimensions: 3.75 diameter, 1.5" height 
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

This item is available for 
Custom Monogramming

To add initial: Choose "Yes" for Monogramming, then type your initial in the space provided. If you're ordering more than one item each with different initials, please type the letter & number of boxes with that letter in the field, and separate with commas (see example):


You want 5 boxes where 2 have H's, 1 has an N, 1 has an L, and 1 has an A. Put 5 as your quantity, then, in the box provided type:

H-2, N-1, L-1, A-1  

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